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Office space lease


We base our services on detailed knowledge of the Brno and South Moravian markets. Our team includes experts in the areas of commercial properties, law, finance, and the technological and functional background of production and storage premises. We will always provide you with professional services in order to arrange a cost-effective solution for your business.

Looking for a new office space in Brno or South Moravia? We have a solution for you.

Thanks to our detailed knowledge of the market we will choose the optimal solution for you and save you time and expenses.

We specialize in the mediation of office leases in Brno and its surroundings.

Apart from the already existing projects we are also able to offer the developer projects that are currently being prepared and where you can adapt the premises according to your visions and requirements.

We are prepared to answer your questions related to the costs, transport accessibility, quality of technological background or the satisfaction of current tenants. We can assess the opportunities of given locations according to your particular needs and desires.

Our consultants will lead you though the process from beginning to end:

Services for the tenants:

  • Understanding your expectations and analysis of the current premises (audit of current contracts)
  • Placement of your requirements for the new premises
  • Analysis of the market
  • Offer of suitable solutions according to specifications
  • Tours of the properties and preliminary negotiations
  • Technical and financial analysis
  • Selection of the property and final negotiation
  • Signing of the terms and conditions of the lease
  • Adjustment of the premises
  • Moving

Services for landlords:

  •          Inspection of the property and recommendation of the price according to the current situation in the market.
  •          Preparation of a professional presentation for marketing purposes; including photo documentation, ground plans, etc.
  •          Preparation of the property for the presentation to the clients
  •          Entering into the brokerage contract
  •          Active search for interested parties
  •          The design and realization of marketing activities
  •          Tours of the premises with selected clients
  •          Ensuring of legal counseling during the negotiation of contracts, entering into the contract
  •          Handing-over of the property
  •          After-sales services

Thanks to our detailed knowledge of the market and complex offer of services we are able to find the optimum solution for your business quickly and efficiently. 

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Looking for a property? For your offices, warehouse, production site, or logistic center?
Looking for it in Brno and its surroundings?

You are already halfway there.
We are not looking for a way to help you.
We already know it.

We know real estate in Brno and its surroundings


We have long experience and excellent knowledge of the commercial properties market in Brno and its surroundings, so we can find a budget-wise solution for you quickly and efficiently.

We know the background and history of buildings


We are aware of the history of sites and buildings, including proprietary relationships, the technical condition of properties and the real rent prices trends. Thanks to this knowledge we can negotiate the best possible terms and conditions for you.

We will find the optimal solution for your business


Our comprehensive counseling will ensure the best possible terms and conditions and cost-effective solutions for you.