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Project management


We base our services on detailed knowledge of the Brno and South Moravian markets. Our team includes experts in the areas of commercial properties, law, finance, and the technological and functional background of production and storage premises. We will always provide you with professional services in order to arrange a cost-effective solution for your business.

Project Management

We will ensure complex services in the area of project management related to technical or local changes to your company seat for you. If you’d like, we will introduce the planned changes to company management and employees. We can ensure architectural plans and provide legal and financial services.

Individual steps:

  • Detailed market analysis, audit of current contracts
  • Presentation of changes to employees and management
  • Arranging of selection procedures, including their evaluation
  • Strategy development and consultancy in the area of layout of new premises, spatial capacities and future prospects
  • Negotiations with the lessor or seller
  • Ensuring construction works, interior design and furnishing
  • Supervision over activities of all stakeholders
  • Technical supervision
  • Handover of the construction site
  • Complaint resolution

Looking for a property? For your offices, warehouse, production site, or logistic center?
Looking for it in Brno and its surroundings?

You are already halfway there.
We are not looking for a way to help you.
We already know it.

We know real estate in Brno and its surroundings


We have long experience and excellent knowledge of the commercial properties market in Brno and its surroundings, so we can find a budget-wise solution for you quickly and efficiently.

We know the background and history of buildings


We are aware of the history of sites and buildings, including proprietary relationships, the technical condition of properties and the real rent prices trends. Thanks to this knowledge we can negotiate the best possible terms and conditions for you.

We will find the optimal solution for your business


Our comprehensive counseling will ensure the best possible terms and conditions and cost-effective solutions for you.